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AVE Audio provides a comprehensive range of audio equipment, ensuring clear and long-range sound for effective communication in public spaces. Innovative audio systems, meticulously engineered for optimal performance in professional applications in churches, mosques, and auditoriums, represent the future of sound technology.

All our equipment is developed, produced and co-produced in-house to the very highest standards of workmanship and quality. Support with system configuration, dimensioning and programming is all part of our service. Contact us to find out more!

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AVE Audio Products

Column Speakers

Whether digitally steerable or analog column speakers, our slender line-source systems offer both visual elegance and sophisticated technology. With our column speakers, we aim at all times to achieve the best solution for the task in hand with the minimum of technology.


Digital Mixers

For minimalist design and highly efficient control options, find out more about AVE’s range of digital and analog mixing desks (without power amplifiers).


Mixing amplifiers

Not only are AVE’s integrated amplifiers produced to the very highest standards of workmanship and extremely easy to use but they also offer superior control and programming technology. Learn more.



AVE devotes a lot of attention to the most visible of audio technology components. Make the most of our comprehensive portfolio of wired and wireless microphones, desktop microphones and custom-made products so that you can enjoy the best possible audio and visual experience.


Our top products for you

Digital Column Speakers

ASCOLTO digitally steerable column speakers, featuring unique multi-beam technology, are precisely what you're looking for. The ASCOLTO range consists of three series of column speakers: AH Series, FF Series and LH Series, each meticulously designed to seamlessly adapt to diverse acoustic environments.

Analog Column Speakers

This series of newly developed column speakers is the perfect match for today’s requirements. Whether you’re interested in the low-impedance model or the 100 V model for connection to an existing line network, this is the perfect choice for speech and music.

Digital Audio Mixer

This highly compact, easy-to-use digital mixer offers all the features you need for high-resolution playback quality. Among its myriad benefits, all the inputs and outputs can be adjusted with ease, from front panel. Find out more about the two digital mixer ANDANTE variants: Andante 8 with 8x4 Matrix and Andante 16 with the 16x8 matrix.

DMV 96
Mixing Amplifier

Are you looking for a compact, highly sophisticated integrated amplifier with a DSP and power amplifier – and ingenious inner workings? If so, take a look at our hybrid DMV series. The two DMV versions, DMV 64 and DMV 96, offer a comprehensive range of controls and settings that are vastly superior to those available with conventional mixing amplifiers.

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