Mixing amplifiers

AVE offers two categories of mixing amplifiers. The hybrid DMV series features a range of compact and highly sophisticated integrated amplifiers with a DSP and power amplifiers. But you won’t see the technological ingenuity from the outside, because the magic happens on the inside. The products offer a comprehensive range of controls and settings that are vastly superior to those available with conventional mixing amplifiers. The Sinus series is an analog integrated amplifier with a conventional equalizer on each input channel. The hybrid DMX mixer, however, is equipped with a DSP (digital signal processor) that processes analog input signals from different sources. This, too, is a compact and highly sophisticated mixer (with DSP, without power amplifier) offering numerous control and programming options.

AMI-120USB und AMI-240USB

AMI-120 und AMI-240

Sinus - 2K

Sinus - 1K

DMV 96

DMV 64