Mixing Amplifiers

The AVE portfolio of mixer amplifiers is divided into two categories. For simpler tasks, the AMI and SINUS series are available as purely analogue mixing amplifiers. The equalization takes place manually at the front.

The hybrid DMV series is the best choice for demanding tasks. These are complex and compact matrix mixing amplifiers with DSP and various power amplifiers. The digital signal processor with its extensive setting and programming options is clearly superior to conventional mixer amplifiers.

The versatility of the DMV series means new formats can be easily added. Open communication and interaction standards are supported. The DMV series supports TCP/IP, UDP, RTSP and RTMP streaming protocols.

AMI-120USB und AMI-240USB

AMI-120 und AMI-240

Sinus - 2K

Sinus - 1K

DMV 96

DMV 64