Digital column speakers

Demonstrating highly advanced technology, ASCOLTO digital line arrays are equipped with high-quality neodymium speakers that are perfect for conveying speech and music. The anti-reverberation system (ARS®) enhances speech intelligibility in reverberant environments. Ceiling and side wall reflections are significantly minimized. DSP controller, DANTETM interface, beam steering and lots more – all inclusive. Ideally suited for conveying sound in cathedrals, churches, mosques, auditoriums, airports and train stations.

Ascolto FF2470

Ascolto LH2425

Ascolto LH1625

Ascolto LH3225

Ascolto LH4025

Ascolto AH0835

Ascolto AH1635

Ascolto AH2435

Ascolto AH3235

Ascolto FF0870

Ascolto FF1670

Ascolto LH0825