Series ACM 17 Microphones

Series ACM 17 Microphones with super cardioid characteristics are almost always used on the lectern, altar (table) and pulpit for true-to-life speech reproduction. Meanwhile, all AVE “supercardioid” microphones are the standard design. Other characteristics can be delivered free of charge. The first two digits indicate the microphone type, the next three digits indicate the length of the gooseneck. AVE supplies this type of microphone in countless different versions. Either screwable for tripods or with XLR contact. The gooseneck length can be ordered in different lengths up to 450 mm upon request. Special lengths up to 600 mm are possible. The standard surface is available in an elegant nickel-plated surface or matt black anodized. Very rarely are the microphones delivered in white (too conspicuous), brass, chrome-plated or with a television gray plastic coating. This microphone is also available with a switchable LED light strip, with a microphone switch if desired.

ACM 17/400 TA SL


ACM 17/350 ABH

ACM 17/350 XLR LED


ACM 17/350 XLR SL

ACM 17/250MT

ACM 17/250 IW

ACM 17/250 XLR oder 3/8“

ACM 17/250 TA-F

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