Digital Column Speakers

Ascolto AH Series

The Ascolto AH Series features refined and superior acoustics, boasting 3.5" neodymium speakers that enhance the purity of music and intelligibility of voice.

The Ascolto AH Series stands out for its acoustic directivity, offering extreme selectivity and reaching deep spaces with precision.

The Ascolto AH Series is particularly well-suited for providing extended coverage in large environments, such as churches with long naves or basilicas.

Ascolto AH0835

Multi Beam Steering, 119 dB maximal SPL, 8 x 35 Wrms, 8 x 3,5“ full range woofer

Ascolto AH1635

Multi Beam Steering, 125 dB maximal SPL, 16 x 35 Wrms, 16 x 3,5“ full range woofer

Ascolto AH2435

Multi Beam Steering, 128 dB maximal SPL, 24 x 35 Wrms, 24 x 3,5“ full range woofer

Ascolto AH3235

Multi Beam Steering, 131 dB maximal SPL, 32 x 35 Wrms, 32 x 3,5“ full range woofer