Digital Column Speakers

Ascolto LH Series

The Ascolto LH Series features a remarkable horizontal opening of 155°, made possible by its specially designed 2.5" neodymium speakers that diffuse sound in a panoramic manner.

The Ascolto LH Series showcases transparent aesthetics and a compact profile, making it ideal for preserving architectural environments of significant value.

The Ascolto LH Series is particularly well-suited for environments with highly reverberant acoustics, providing a solution even with a single digitally steerable column speaker.

Ascolto LH0825

Multi Beam Steering, 118 dB maximal SPL, 8 x 25 Wrms, 8 x 2,5“ full range woofer

Ascolto LH1625

Multi Beam Steering, 124 dB maximal SPL, 16 x 25 Wrms, 16 x 2,5“ full range woofer

Ascolto LH2425

Multi Beam Steering, 127 dB maximal SPL, 24 x 25 Wrms, 24 x 2,5“ full range woofer

Ascolto LH3225

Multi Beam Steering, 130 dB maximal SPL, 32 x 25 Wrms, 32 x 2,5“ full range woofer

Ascolto LH4025

Multi Beam Steering, 132 dB maximal SPL, 40 x 25 Wrms, 40 x 2,5“ full range woofer

Ascolto - LH Series

Advantages and Uses

Watch this video to discover the functions and features of the Ascolto LH series digitally steerable column speakers. Experience the innovative technology and superior sound quality of these speakers.

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