DMV 96
DMV 96


Digital mixer in 2U metal housing with 8 micro/line inputs and switchable input for CD/AUX/USB with treble and bass controls as well as 6 outputs.

Each input provides many features:

Gain, parametric equalizer (5 bands), mute, volume, compressor, automix (automatic reduction of the volume when microphones are activated simultaneously) as well as priority of the individual microphones, noise gate and instrument display for each input. With the routing matrix the inputs can be freely assigned to the desired outputs.
With 6 outputs DMV 96 performs strongly in different applications of transmission technology. Each output is equipped with a parametric equalizer (5 bands) and a graphic equalizer (31 bands). With the graphic equalizer you can choose between previously equalized frequencies of all AVE sound columns or not equalized frequencies. This allows the user to change the settings of volume, delay, compressor, limiter, mute, instrument display for each output. A wide range of additional functions like copy of preset, parametric and graphic equalizer, maximum/minimum volume of the inputs and outputs and so on. 20 presets of the different settings can be stored and recalled. All settings are calibrated and stored during installation. Only qualified personnel with relevant electronic knowledge should perform these activities.
In addition to the basic functions, the control unit integrated in the DMV series offers the possibility of modular expansion of the functionality. For example, remote maintenance, a touch interface for remote control via tablet, mobile phone or PC as well as the possibility to stream the audio signal via the common protocols can be realised via software plug-ins.
The versatility of the DMV series makes it easy to add new formats. Open communication and interaction standards are supported. The DMV Series supports TCP/IP, UDP, RTSP and RTMP streaming protocols.
8 potentiometers on the front panel for the volume control of micro/line, a potentiometer and a treble and bass control for CD/AUX/USB (with display) offer a wide range of settings to the user. With two encoders the user can choose the presets and control the master volume. The settings are shown on a clear display (2 lines with 20 characters).
DMV-96 is available in 6 power classes: 150W, 240W, 480W, 2x150W,2x320W and 2x480W.


Dimensions and weight:

Height 84 mm
Width 484 mm
Depth 340 mm + 60 mm connector
Weight 6 kg (480 W)
7.5 kg (2 x 480 W)
12 kg (150 W, 240 W)
13.5 kg (2 x 150 W)

Downloads DMV 96: