Premium audio systems

Made in Germany

Since 1998, AVE GmbH has been developing and producing audio systems to the strict standards of quality for which Germany is internationally renowned. Our product range is extremely broad. Digitally steerable and passive column speakers, numerous types of microphone and a comprehensive range of integrated analog and digital amplifiers and mixers and, of course, complete with a range of accessories. Thanks to the perfectly harmonized components, you can fill even the most complex and challenging spaces with high-quality sound. AVE technology is compact, expandable and flexible. Plan your project with AVE equipment – and become an AVE sales partner as well!

Column Speakers

Embracing both digitally steerable and passive column speaker designs, our sleek line-source systems blend visual elegance with state-of-the-art technology. We prioritize crafting innovative solutions tailored to each application, with a special focus on the advanced capabilities of our digitally steerable column speakers.

Digital Audio Mixers

For minimalist design and highly efficient control options, find out more about AVE’s range of digital and analog mixing desks (without power amplifiers).

Mixing amplifiers

Explore our diverse range of mixing amplifiers, presenting a comprehensive selection of both analog and advanced digital models, each boasting powerful signal processing capabilities driven by state-of-the-art DSP technology.


AVE devotes a lot of attention to the most visible of audio technology components. Make the most of our comprehensive portfolio of wired and wireless microphones, desktop microphones and custom-made products so that you can enjoy the best possible audio and visual experience.