Andante 8
Andante 8


The mixer offers 8 inputs, 4 outputs, and a variety of functions like parametric and graphic equalizer, Delay up to 200 m for each output and remote control

No signal processing units are necessary; all adjustments and parameters can be stored, copied and recalled at any time.

Mixer with 8 microphone-/line-inputs
4 outputs
Masterfunction for all outbound signals

All inputs, matrix and outputs are equipped with a select- and LED-display. Some functions can be adjusted directly at the unit by using the select-button and the two control dials. All changes can be easily traced with a clearly arranged view at the display. The select-function is present at all microphone-/line-inputs, matrix and at the outputs. Various signal processing functions as parametric Eq; compressor / limiter; noise-gate for each input are available.

Automix for priority and suppression for downstream inputs; Optional numbers of inputs; adaption of levels referring to the number of microphones is possible.
Use matrix to shift each input to the designated output and to adjust the necessary level

Each of the 4 outputs are equipped with 4 parametric and a 31 Band-graphic-equalizer, level adjustment, compressor / limiter and noise gate.
Mater volume; remote control by RS 232-interface
By using the PC-Software all function adjustments of the parameters can be made as well as creating and storing the presets

Dimensions in mm: (W x H x D) 483 x 88 x 260 (with connector 320)
Weight: 4,8 kg

The digital mixer is also available as Andante 16 Version with 16 microphone- / line-inputs and 8 outputs.


Data sheet:

  • 7 XLR + 1 XLR/RCA
  • Sensitivity per input: Mic/Line
  • Digitally controlled analog input gain range: 60 dB
  • Digitally controlled phantom power per input: 48V
  • Dynamic range analog to digital converters(ADCs, ’A’weighted): >=110 dB
  • THD input to output (all ganin settings): <=0,01%
  • Maximum input level before clipping (minimum gain setting): 20 dBu
  • 3 XLR + 1 XLR/RCA
  • Dynamic range digital to analog converters (DACs): >= 110dB
  • THD input to output (all gain settings): <= 0.01%
  • Nominal output level (Master Volume at –16 dB): 4dBu (1.23Vrms)
  • Maximal output level before clip (0 dB fullscale at DAC output): 20dB
  • Output impedance: 50 Ω
Digital signal processing Inputs
  • 3 parametric EQs per Input (peaking type)
  • Highpass Filter 160 Hz/12 dB per octave on every input
  • Gate/compressor/limiter per input


  • Graphic EQ per line output: 31 band (1/3 oct)
  • 4 parametriic EQs per line output (peaking type)
  • Gate/compressor/limiter per output
  • Delay per line output 233 m (679 ms)
  • Phase reverse per line output

Input/Output Routing Matrix
  • Size of matrix: 16 In / 8 Out
  • Individual volume (fader) per crosspoint

  • Automatic mixing function
  • Automatic mixing function simultaneous channels selectable

  • Sample frequency: 48 kHz
User Interface
  • Master volume (common level for all outputs) accessible via front panel
  • 20 presets accessible via front panel
  • Presets include analog input gain and phantompower setting
  • Individual input and output volume setting accessible via front panel
  • Peak- and signal indicator per input channel on front panel
  • Peak- and signal indicator per input channel on front panel
  • DSP-parameters accessible via frontpanel, PC/Notebook-USB-Interface
  • Preset load from and save to file (PC software)
  • External remote control via RS 232 (see serial protocol description)
  • Switchable user access protection