AVE Mixer User Control
AVE Mixer User Control
AVE Mixer User Control
AVE Mixer User Control

AVE Mixer User Control


    Designed with installers in mind, this software built on the robust .NET framework offers a ready-to-use layout of processing blocksets, seamlessly eliminating the need to create audio layouts from scratch.

    Key Features:
    • Enhanced Display Properties: Intuitive interface for user-friendly and customizable layouts.
    • High-Resolution Graphics: Clearer, more precise monitoring.
      Scalable Blocksets: Configure your environment on your PC during installation; all layouts are saved in the project to quickly restore the working environment.
    • Various Keyboard Shortcuts: Designed to improve speed and efficiency.
    Powerful Blockset Features:
    • Advanced Signal Routing: Simplify complex setups.
    • Dynamic Processing Blocks: More flexibility and control.
    • Real-Time Spectrum Analysis: FFT performed in floating-point for accurate frequency analysis of input and output signals.
    • Precision DSP Filtering: Utilizes Analog Devices DSPs from the SHARC family with ultra-low latency for live events.
    • Smart Auto-mixing: Automatically adjusts input microphone signals and tracks background noise to avoid mishaps.

    Compatible AVE Digital Mixers
    The AVE Mixer User Control software is compatible with the following AVE digital mixers:

    • Andante 16 - v2.0
    • Andante 8 - v2.0
    • Andante 16
    • Andante 8
    • DMX66
    • DMV64
    • DMV96

    Update to the latest AVE Digital Mixer User - Software PC today from the GitHub Repository and experience new control and efficiency!

    Downloads AVE Mixer User Control:

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