AVE Line Array User Control

AVE Line Array User Control


    AVE Line Array User Control software is used to design appropriate beam shape making the ASCOLTO digitally steerable column speakers optimally aimed towards audience and achieving a maximum direct to ambient sound ratio, for best intelligibility.

    AVE Line Array User Control software has been developed for use with all ASCOLTO digitally steerable column speakers.

    AVE Line Array User Control software allows to simulate the environment to sound reinforce, select the appropriate dispersion pattern, introduce the proper acoustic equalization for the typology of audience and transfer all the aiming and filtering parameters through the dedicated network.

    Key Features

    Easy Setup: line array types, audience area geometry, beam design mode, appropriate audio equalization and audio classic controls can all be set from AVE Line Array User Control software.

    Intuitive User Interface: software uses both familiar “point and click” and “click and drag” commands and intuitive screens to display setup information.

    Project Backup and Restore: project configurations are stored to the hard drive for record retention. These file are especially convenient to restore line array settings or to copy configurations.

    Configuration Recall: global settings can be retrieved directly from the digitally steerable column speaker for proof checking or for maintenance uses.

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