Ascolto AH3235
Ascolto AH3235
Ascolto AH3235
Ascolto AH3235


The digitally stereable column speaker Ascolto AH3235 is particularly suitable to ensure an extended coverage in large environments, such as auditoriums, churches with long aisles, cathedrals, basilicas and in general where it needs simultaneously a very incisive beam and a bright tone, capable to transmit perfectly voice as well as music.

The multibeam DSP filtering technology steers the vertical radiation patterns, matching the desired listening pattern, making column speaker Ascolto AH3235 high directive and featuring the main propagation lobes less dependent on the frequency.

Key features

  • Multi Beams Forming up-to 5 independent audio beams.
  • Vertical tilting / broading control of audio beams with AVE Line Array User Control Software.
  • Anti-Reverberation System ARS to increase the speech intelligibility index STI in reverberant environments.
  • 4 DSP units at 145 MHz - 48 bit to process 8 audio channels.
  • 32 x 3.5", full range neodymium woofer.
  • 32 x 35 Wrms class-D audio amplifiers with high efficiency (90%) for respect to energy consumption.
  • 1350 W high-reliable power supply with universal mains input (90-264 VAC) and compliance to IEC/EN 60601-1-2.
  • Multiple audio inputs including: Line, 100 V, (optional) DANTE input.
  • Delay control up-to 50 m.
  • User Equalizer with highpass, lowpass, shelving and PEQ filters.
  • Music Adaptive Equalizer for the best graceful musical listening.
  • Ready for external media control such as Crestron, AMX, ect.
  • Low-resonance extruded case entirely in aluminium for lightness and strength.
  • Available in all RAL and DB colours, powder coated.
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany.


  • Built-in DANTE network module with DANTE Ultimo chip.
  • Texture coating accordingly demands of architects, Government Cultural Agencies, etc.


  • Conference centres and meeting rooms.
  • Press conferences.
  • Holy places such as basilicas, cathedrals, synagogues, mosques, temples, etc.
  • Lecture halls and auditoriums.
  • Halls and airports.

Fitting accessories for installation

  • Stable wall mounting: WAH 16-32 (order 2 pieces)

 All digital sound columns of the Ascolto series are developed and manufactured in Germany.


Data sheet:

Acoustic Specifications

Frequency Bandwidth 80 Hz – 20 kHz (±3 dB)
Maximal SPL 131 dB (A-Weighted bei 1 m)
Nominal SPL (1 W/Loudspekaer) 119 dB (A-Weighted bei 1 m),
105 dB (A-Weighted at 10 m),
103 dB (A-Weighted at 20 m),
102 dB (A-Weighted at 30 m),
100 dB (A-Weighted at 40 m),
98 dB (A-Weighted at 50 m)
Coverage horizontal (fixed) 130°
Coverage vertical (adjustable) Tilting Angle: –60° to 60° in 0.1° intervals
Opening Angle: 9° to 40° in 0.1° intervals
Typical Throw 40 m
Maximum Throw 50 m
Dynamic Range 102 dB
Transducers 32 x 3,5" Full Range Neodymium

Electrical Specifications

Audio Input 1 Line
Input Level Nominal 0 dBu (2.19 Vpp)
Input Level Maximum 10 dBu (6.92 Vpp)
Type Balanced
Impedance 20 kΩ at 1 kHz
Audio Input 2 100 V
Input Level Nominal 39.2 dBu (200 Vpp)
Type Balanced with Transformer
Impedance 20 kΩ at 1 kHz
Audio Input 3 Dante Audio Networkiing
Network Dante Audio over IP
Transport Layer Ethernet
Dante Latency 1, 2 or 5 ms (configurable using Dante Controller)
Support for AES67 Yes
Sampling rates 48 kHz
Bit Depths 24

Power Amplifier

Type PWM (Class D)
Output power 32 x 35 W rms
Power Efficiency 86%
THD+N 0.07% at 10 Wrms/channel, 1 kHz
Input signal Balanced
Channel protections Thermal Shutdown (Tjunction< >150°C)
Output Short Circuit

DSP Module

DSP Processor 48 bit Fixed Point DSP
76 bit internal Accumulator
145 MHz
Sample Rate 48 kHz
A/D Conversion Resolution: 24 bit linear PCM
Conversion: 1 bit delta-sigma 512x
Sample: 48 kHz
SNR: 102 dB (A-Weighted)
D/A Conversion Resolution: 24 bit linear PCM
Conversion: upsampling 128x
Sample rate: 48 kHz
SNR: 105 dB (A-Weighted)
Signal Processing Beam Forming Filtering
Input Equalization (10 Biquad)
Volume: (-120 dBFS to 0 dBFS)
Delay (0 m to 30 m, Step 0.1 m)
Dynamic Compressor 2-Bands
Input Signal Activity Detector

Control Module

Processor 32 bit ARM-Cortex M3
50 MHz
Setup Network Interface RS485, Half Duplex, 115200 baud/s
120 Ω Parallel Termination (recommended for long distance)
This network interface is used by AVE Line Array User Contol software
to manage beam setup and other audio features.
Dante Network Interface Ethernet, 100 Mbit/s (available only in Ascolto – Dante Series).
Processor Activities DSP Firmware Booting
DSP Status Monitoring
PWM Power Amplifier Functions Controlling
PWM Power Amplifier Status Monitoring
Audio Input Channel Functions Controlling
Dante-Chip Ultimo UXT Control (in Ascolto – Dante Series)
Auto Stand-By Controlling
RS485 Communication
Infrared Communication
Panel LEDs Controlling
Firmware Updating


Audio Inputs Connector 3-pole, 3.81 mm-pitch
Audio Inputs Pinout7 pin 1: hot signal (+)
pin 2: cold signal (-)
pin 3: earth (chassis ground)
RS485 Network Connector 3-pole, 3.81 mm-pitch
RS485 Network Pinout pin 1: data +
pin 2: data -
pin 3: digital ground
Dante Network Connector 8 pin Ethernet RJ45, female connector
Mains Connector Module IEC 320-C14, Belastbarkeit 250 VAC, 10 A,
Approvals: UL, CSA, TÜV, CCC


AC Range 90 VAC to 264 VAC (Universal Input)
Input Frequency Input 47 Hz to 67 Hz
Efficiency 91% typ at 230 VAC
Power Factor Correction Yes
Input Current at Full Load 5.5 A typ at 115 VAC
3.3 A typ at 230 VAC
Power Consumption Continuous: 533 VA
Peak: 1066 VA
Idle: 24 VA
Stand-By: 4 VA
Protection Thermal Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Output Current Limiting
Under-Voltage Lock Out
Main Fuse 1 × 6.3 A (slow blow)
Electromagnetic compatibility EN 55022, class B, FCC part 15, level B
(EMC), Emissions IEC/EN 61000-3-2 class B

General Specifications

Height 3197 mm
Width 120 mm
Depth 121 mm
Weight 17 Kg (50.70 lbs)
Cabinet Powder Coated
Aluminum Extrusion
Colour RAL 9010
Special colour available for an additional charge
Temperature Range 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 102°F)
Protection class IP 54
Certificates CE

1) Rated power measured with pink noise signal, 6 dB crest factor

2) Polare response: -6 dB average 500 Hz to 8 kHz

Downloads Ascolto AH3235:


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