ACM 70/400 XLR


ACM 70/400 XLR is a premium quality gooseneck condenser microphone with versatile multifunction for various applications. It is mounted on a stable base and it is equipped with a switch and LED.
A bi-dual capsule with four different directivity patterns offers a wide range in its application. The microphone is especially appropriate for rooms with difficult acoustic conditions and with a lot of reverberation. T
he highly sensitive membrane of the microphone transfers even quiet passages extremely clear and natural with the highest standard.
The microphone offers an extremely high acoustic feedback security and minimizes ambient noise exceptionally well. The microphone is available in differnt lengths.


Data sheet:

Phantom powering 24 - 48 Volt
Frequency response 60 - 18,000 Hz
Directivity pattern cardioid – super cardioid – hyper cardioid – omnidrectional
Deviation of nominal curve ± 1 dB
Sensitivity 8,5 mV/Pa
Electrical impedance 200 Ω
Rear damping 20 dB
Connection XLR
Surface nickel plated or black anodized
Length 460 mm
Weight 180 g
Special colours NEXTEL grey/white
Brand AVE

Downloads ACM 70/400 XLR:

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