ACM 17/250 TA-F
ACM 17/250 TA-F
ACM 17/250 TA-F
ACM 17/250 TA-F


The ACM 17/250 TA-F with Sennheiser pocket transmitter is a premium quality gooseneck condenser microphone with a cardioid directivity pattern mounted on a stable table base.
It offers clear, rich in detail and assertive speech play back and it has high feedback security. It transfers high sound intensity without distortions and ambient noise is strongly minimized.
Because of its miniature capsule it appears elegant and unobtrusive. The microphone is available in different lengths.


Data sheet:

Phantom powering 24 - 48 Volt
Frequency response 60 - 18,000 Hz
Directivity pattern cardioid
Deviation of nominal curve ± 1 dB
Sensitivity 15 mV/Pa
Electrical impedance 200 Ω
Rear damping 20 dB
Connection 1,5 m with 3,5 mm mini jack connector (balanced).
Surface nickel plated or black anodized
Length 380 mm
Weight 500 g
Special colours NEXTEL grey/white
Brand AVE

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