ACM 100


The ACM 100 is an elegant, sophisticated studio-condenser microphone with an interchangeable capsule for universal capabilities, for example: speech, song, music and recordings. The condenser quality is extremely noticeable when the speaker uses a variable distance to the microphone where the result is not to be outperformed and it transfers a precise sound intensity with a consistent pitch. A special feature is the strong elimination of ambient noise and the high acoustic feedback security. (according to each capsule character).


Data sheet:

Phantom powering 24 - 48 Volt
Frequency response 30 - 20,000 Hz
Directivity pattern cardioid (standard)
Deviation of nominal curve ± 0,5 dB
Sensitivity 18 mV/Pa
Electrical impedance 200 Ω
Rear damping 28 dB
Connection XLR
Surface nickel plated or black anodized
Length 140 mm
Weight 130 g
Special colours NEXTEL grey/white
Brand AVE

Downloads ACM 100: